Open source software powers the world. Most of us take way more than we give back to the open source community. I don’t think I can ever contribute as much value as I have received over the years, but here are some of the open source projects I use heavily and / or contribute to.



If successful, Unbase will revolutionize the world of distributed eventually consistent databases. Unbase is a very early stage open source project that is mostly conceptual at this point. There are several hard problems with consistency models, causality, fault tolerance, and performance to be worked out but we really feel like we are onto something.


Orient DB

OrientDB is an extremely flexible and performant Java-based multi-modal database (object, document, graph, etc.). I am currently using OrientDB at Convergence Labs and have had an opportunity to work with the Orient Technologies team on developing several parts of the database. I am not doing any of the heavy lifting but I have contributed several features and fixes and am an active participant in the community.



Akka is an extremely powerful application development framework for Scala and Java. It implements the Actor model of distributed computing and provides a reactive and scalable platform for building Internet scale applications. The Akka community is made up of some of the smartest developers I know.  If you are a fan of Scala, Functional Programming, and Reactive systems, I highly recommend checking Akka out.


Apache Wave

Apache Wave is not a terribly popular project these days.  I helped open source Google’s Wave product back in the 2010-2011 time frame.  It was this project that got me interested in collaborative editing systems.  I have been an active participant in the community for about 5 years now.  It’s not very active currently, but I list it here for nostalgic reasons.