Here are a few of the organizations I am currently putting energy into. Read a little bit about them and check out the companies if anything peaks your interest.


Solute, Inc.

I serve as the Chief Technology Officer for Solute, Inc.  Solute is a San Diego based engineering firm that primarily serves the Department of Defense providing Software Engineering, Cyber Security, DevOps, Aviation Integration, and Training services that help protect our national security. Solute is highly successful, and has a fantastic reputation in our market. I’ve helped craft the engineering vision of the company, and guided the company through its transition from a program management support company to a first rate engineering services firm.


Convergence Labs, Inc.

I am the CEO and Founder of Convergence Labs, Inc.  At Convergence Labs we have set out to change people’s lives by enabling the next generation of collaborative software.  We are producing more data and content as a society than ever before.  It’s easy to share with others, but it’s still way to hard to create together.  Convergence labs is going to change that.



7CTOs is a Technology Leader peer group that promotes innovation, leadership, and emotional intelligence.  Through strong relationships, shared experiences, community, and trust, 7 CTOs builds and matures technology leaders.  Whether you are a seasoned CTO or a senior developer looking to take that next step, 7CTOs will help you get to where you want to be.