Coding is my creative outlet. There is nothing more beautiful that a simple and elegant solution to a complex problem; except of course solving a problem your users care about.


The job of an entrepreneur is to turn hard work into value. I love hard work and I love providing value. Few people understand the rewards of creating a sustainable business.

Community Builder

It takes a village to build a company. It takes leaders to build a community. Paying it forward and giving without expectation is powerful.

Executive Leader

Executing business and grinding it out definitely serves up new challenges every single day; but driving growth, building value, and winning never gets old.


Hello InterWebs.  Thanks for stopping by. I love to code and execute business.  Getting seriously passionate about building tech startup communities in unexpected places. I love working with other community builders, entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers and just about anyone who dreams bigs and wants to work hard. Feel free to poke around the site, I am not the best web designer in the world, but I wanted to start putting my thoughts out there and just engage.


Recent Posts

  • January 22, 2017
    Last night we had the first "Sioux Falls - Tech Pints" events at WoodGrain, Brewing Company in down town Sioux Falls, SD. The premise of the event was to gather together people interested in the Tech / Tech Startup Scene in Sioux Falls.  The first event was a bit of an
  • November 17, 2016
    I had the opportunity last night to sit on a open panel discussion in Sioux Falls, SD focused on the future of tech startups. It was a great night, with lots of energy, and lots of ideas shared about how to take Sioux Falls to the next level. For reference the
  • November 14, 2016
    I had the pleasure of serving as a judge at the "Launch Pad" event sponsored by CenturyLink and hosted by The Bakery in Sioux Falls, SD. The event featured five StartUps giving short 5-minute pitches followed by 10 minutes of questions from four judges and / or the audience. The
  • October 1, 2016
    Hey all!  I just re-tooled the web site.  There isn't a whole lot of content up just yet.  I will continue to build it out over the coming months.  I will likely be posting some blogs and information about my current and future projects. As most of you know I